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22 Feb 18, 06:02:58
Teething troubles

There seem to be a few things not quite working properly on the new server - some links not working, some images not displaying correctly, etc. Fingers crossed, I should get everything fixed over the next couple of days.

22 Feb 18, 01:02:48
Apologies for the downtime
My web hosting ran into some serious problems, killing both my site and my mail servers. We are up and running now with a new web host and all should be back to normal.

01 Feb 18, 01:02:21
Minor Update to "Tuning the double reed harmonicas"
Fixed a few typos, expanded a little on a couple of points.

01 Feb 18, 01:02:09
Minor Update to "Tuning a harmonica to a professional standard"
Edited for clarity and consistency.

01 Feb 18, 01:02:44
Minor Update to "Tuning Schemes for the Standard Major Diatonic Harmonica"
Edited for clarity and consistency.

01 Feb 18, 01:02:41
Minor Update to "Ramblings on the general topic of Just Intonation, ratios and prime limits"
Edited for clarity and consistency.

01 Feb 18, 01:02:20
Minor Update to "Why does Just Intonation sound so good?"
Edited for clarity and consistency.

22 Jan 18, 04:01:01
Update to "Have there been any scientific studies of the harmonica?" page
Fixed a few dead links and added a bunch of new ones.

16 Jan 18, 06:01:35
Minor update to "Can you recommend some recordings of early blues harp?"
Fixed a few broken links.

16 Jan 18, 06:01:39
Minor update to "Why do I get those squealing/ringing noises when I bend/overblow notes on my Lee Oskar/Huang/Suzuki harmonica and how do I get rid of them?"
Minor editing for clarity, fixed a couple of typos and added an image.