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05 Dec 18, 01:12:58
New reviews - Brendan Power's Overblow Booster, Booster Bar and SlipSlider

Some cool new stuff from Brendan.

31 Oct 18, 02:10:28
New review - Low key Lee Oskars
Lee Oskar harmonicas in new low keys.

21 Sep 18, 03:09:01
Minor update to "Who invented the harmonica?"
Added a few more pictures and a brief mention of Julius Berthold.

07 Sep 18, 02:09:52
New contact form
Apologies for the Captcha, but I was getting way too much automated spam from the old contact form.

20 Aug 18, 02:08:44
Updates to "Vintage Harmonica 78s"
Courtesy of Matthew Bullis, I have added lessons 3 and 4 of the John Sebastian "How To Play The Harmonica" set, as well as adding a little more info about the recordings.

14 Aug 18, 03:08:41
Update to "Harmonica Patents" page
Cosmetic overhaul, improved navigation and hopefully made a little more mobile-friendly, or at least a little less mobile-unfriendly. All 90 sub-pages have also been tidied up a little.

02 Aug 18, 02:08:01
Minor Updates to reviews
Minor updates to reviews of Brendan Power's harmonicas and 3D printed combs, the DuoHarp Kwik Change, Bluemoon harmonica parts and the SHS harmonica collet.

27 Jul 18, 03:07:01
Minor update to Lee Oskar 25th Anniversary Limited Edition harmonica review
Updated with current availability.

27 Jul 18, 03:07:35
Minor update to Tombo Pocket Ensemble Harmonicas review
Updated with a link to the new UK distributors for Tombo.

25 Jul 18, 04:07:37
Minor update to reviews of Leo Shi harmonicas
Updated with current availability, or rather, current unavailability.