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08 Jan 2018, 17:55:36 EST
Minor update to "Who was the first blues harp player to record? "

Some minor editing, plus a few new images.

08 Jan 2018, 17:52:48 EST
Minor update to "How much is my old harmonica worth?"
Added a short paragraph on how provenance might increase the value of an old harmonica.

08 Jan 2018, 17:50:58 EST
Minor update to "Why is it called a harp?"
Minor editing, plus an even older published instance of the term "French harp".

07 Jan 2018, 17:15:29 EST
Minor update to "Should we call it a harmonica or a mouth organ?"
Standardised the German capitalisation, fixed some broken links and added an image.

07 Jan 2018, 17:12:49 EST
Minor update to "Who invented the harmonica?"
Some editing and additional comments on the Hohner 260.

01 Jan 2018, 16:21:59 EST
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to one and all, with special thanks to those of you who supported www.patmissin.com over the past year.

08 Dec 2017, 14:23:10 EST
Updates to old articles
Fixed a few typos, updated a bunch of links and added a few footnotes.

24 Nov 2017, 14:01:01 EST
Minor update to "Vintage Harmonica 78s" page
Added some information about and a picture of the man behind "Professor Dickens".

10 Nov 2017, 17:48:00 EST
Site Updates
After losing much of this year to health problems, I'm now working on a major overhaul of my site, so don't be too concerned if some pages vanish for a short time. I also plan to make the site a little more mobile-friendly, although a full-blown mobile version of the site is not probably not to be happening ay time soon.

01 Jan 2017, 11:28:39 EST
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to one and all, plus a special thank you to those who supported www.patmissin.com over the past year.