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01 Jan 2017, 11:28:39 EST
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all, plus a special thank you to those who supported www.patmissin.com over the past year.

14 Dec 2016, 18:12:39 EST
Update to "How about an electric harmonica, or even a midi harmonica?"
Some minor editing, plus a brief paragraph about the new Lekholm DM48 digital chromatic harmonica controller..

29 Nov 2016, 17:01:29 EST
Update to "Have there been any scientific studies of the harmonica?"
A long overdue update to this page, adding a bunch of recent studies.

19 Oct 2016, 18:20:29 EST
Update to bawu page
Expanded, with pictures of a couple more different types of bawu, etc.

17 Sep 2016, 18:33:58 EST
Minor update to "What harmonica did John Lennon use ..."
Added another quote from Lennon talking about what harmonica he played on "Love Me Do".

14 Sep 2016, 15:10:58 EST
Minor update to "What are the different types of diatonic harmonica?"
A little editing, some updates and additional information on reed orientation on the various types.

23 Aug 2016, 13:30:49 EST
Update to "Vintage Harmonica 78s"
Added two tracks by Scottish harmonica player Donald Davidson, featuring his home made tremolo chromatic.

13 Jul 2016, 11:54:59 EST
Minor update to "How about an electric harmonica, or even a midi harmonica?"
Added a few more links, including one to Julian Vogels' paper "Harmonica-Inspired Digital Musical Instrument Design Based On An Existing Gestural Performance Repertoire".

22 Jun 2016, 18:22:10 EST
Minor update to Overtone Control page
Fixed a whole bunch of dead links and did a little editing for clarity.

19 Jun 2016, 11:16:01 EST
Minor update to Suzuki SUB30 review
Dead link fixed, exchange rate updated.

14 June 2016, 11:30:00 EST
Update to Altered States
A long overdue revision of my collection of tuning related documents.