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19 Jul 18, 01:07:12
Minor update to Fender/Lee Oskar Limited Edition Harmonica review

Updated with current availability.

18 Jul 18, 02:07:44
Minor updates to reviews of Hering Harmonicas
Updates regarding availability following Hering's takeover.

29 Jun 18, 04:06:41
Update to reviews of Harmonicas by Brendan Power
Updates regarding current availability, etc.

07 Jun 18, 03:06:01
Minor Update to "Is the harmonica the only instrument played by drawing as well as blowing?"
Added a brief mention and a link to Brendan Power's AsiaBend, a harmonica with no blow notes.

02 Jun 18, 06:06:01
Minor update to Harmonix Modular Harmonica System review
Updated the contact info and fixed a couple of small errors.

01 Jun 18, 02:06:35
Minor update to Hands Free Chromatic review
Updated the contact link, along with a few minor cosmetic edits.

30 Mar 18, 02:03:39
Minor update to "How about an electric harmonica, or even a midi harmonica?"
Added an even older example of a harmonica-style control unit and added a few more images.

22 Feb 18, 06:02:58
Teething troubles
There seem to be a few things not quite working properly on the new server - some links not working, some images not displaying correctly, etc. Fingers crossed, I should get everything fixed over the next couple of days.

22 Feb 18, 01:02:48
Apologies for the downtime
My web hosting ran into some serious problems, killing both my site and my mail servers. We are up and running now with a new web host and all should be back to normal.

01 Feb 18, 01:02:21
Minor Update to "Tuning the double reed harmonicas"
Fixed a few typos, expanded a little on a couple of points.