Musical resources on the WWW

WWW Sites of Interest to Musicologists
ABC Music Notation
The Traditional Tune Archive
Jas's Middle Eastern Rhythms FAQ
Arabic Maqam World
Experimental Musical Instruments
Musical Instrument Makers Forum
John Starrett's Microtonal Music Resources
Encyclopedia of Microtonal Music Theory
Looper's Delight

Favorite sounds

Mohammed el-Bakkar
Hans Reichel
Adrian Belew
John Fahey
Eddie Harris
Mose Allison
Raymond Scott
Sounds of Thailand


Lord Buckley
Bill Hicks
Will Durst
Lewis Black
Chris Rock
Eddie Izzard
Mitch Hedberg
Henry Cho
Neil Innes


Tempeh Info
Natto King
Dom's Kombucha & Vinegar in-site
Dom's Kefir in-site
The Gallery of Regrettable Food
Native Tech: Food
Paw Paw Information Web Site
The Web's First Japanese Pizza Page
Alton Brown
Recipes of Asia


The National Opossum Society
Save the Manatee Club
Goat World
Rural Heritage


The Internet Archive The Universal Currency ConverterTM
Martindale's Reference Desk
Virtual Reference Desk
Urban Legends Reference Pages


Fortean Times
Robert Anton Wilson
The Museum Of Jurassic Technology
Weird and Wonderful Patents
The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
The Annals of Improbable Research
The Darwin Awards
Disturbing Auctions
Something Awful

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