Harmonica resources on the WWW

Planet Harmonica
Harp On! Harmonica Resources
Wanderin' Wilf's Harp Surgery
Harmonica Sessions
Harmonica Spain
Harmonica Links
Harmonica Links

Some of my Favorite Players

Richard Hunter
Howard Levy
Roland Van Straaten
Peter Madcat Ruth
Sam Hinton
Joe Filisko
Magic Dick
Vincent Bucher
Mike Turk
Sugar Blue
Norton Buffalo
PT Gazell
Paul deLay
Dennis Gruenling
DeFord Bailey
Charlie Musselwhite
Brendan Power
Rory McLeod
Steve Baker
Frederic Yonnet
Johnny Mars

My favorite instruments

Lee Oskar Harmonicas

State of the art custom harmonicas

Custom diatonics from Filisko, Sleigh and Gordon

Mail order harmonica suppliers

Harmonica Store Harmonicas Direct

Cool new stuff

Harmonix Modular Harmonica System
Hands Free Chromatic
Roto-Chromatic Harmonica
X-Reed Harmonicas

Tuitional stuff

The Ultimate Harmonica Course by Ben Hewlett
Jon Gindick
Harmonica Lessons
Harmonica Academy
Harmonica Game Co.
David Barrett's BluesHarmonica.Com
David Barrett's Harmonica Masterclass

Drool over some harps from yesteryear

Virtual Harmonica Museum
Harmonika Museum, Trossingen
The Alan G. Bates Harmonica Collection

Free reeds in general

History of Blow Accordions (In French)
The Classical Free-Reed, Inc.
Center for the Study of Free Reed Instruments
Acoustics of Free Reed Instruments
Jax RCFB Free Reed Musical Instruments Page

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