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The following pages describe some some techniques for the harmonica that are a little off the beaten path. Some of them are things I discovered for myself (often later finding out that I was not the first person to stumble across them), some I have learned from other players. A few of them require a bit of practice, others can be done almost immediately. Some of them are specific to the Richter (single reed diatonic) harmonica, but a several can be done on other types of harmonicas. I've also added a page with suggestions for further reading and listening. For an explanation of the tablature used in the musical examples on these pages, please see this page.

Simultaneous blow/draw chords


Bending 1 draw upwards in pitch

Circular breathing

Overtone control

Hand resonance

Flutter tonguing and snoring

Cup mute/resonator

Use of multiple harmonicas

Bent and unbent notes played simultaneously

Utilising hole 3 blow


Books, CDs and videos of uncommon interest

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