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Some mp3s of various things I have recorded over the years. File sizes are about 1 megabyte each, giving a reasonable compromise between sound quality and speed of download for those who don't have a high speed internet connection.

Heads Up. Recorded in early 1993 by The Honkees. I used a Lee Oskar harmonic minor harp in Em for both the stabs on the verses and the solo. I also play the sitar on this track.

A Minor Funk. A 1995 live recording of my band of the time, The Hoopsnakes, at the Blue Lamp club in Hull, England. This was a completely off the cuff number, recorded through the mixing desk on to cassette tape, so I apologise for the poor sound quality. I'm playing a Lee Oskar natural minor harp in Am, through a Boss T-Wah pedal.

Pack My Jack. Blues played on the harmonica - who'd have thunk it? Admittedly it doesn't sound much like Little Walter (there's a good reason for that) and it probably owes as much to Nashville as it does to Chicago. Guitar and vocals by my old chum Rory Cameron and recorded in his Brighton, England studio in 1997.

Worries on my Mind. Recorded in 1997, this song was written by Angie Scarr, who sings and plays guitar on it. I think it was originally intended for Angie's debut album, but neither of us were perfectly happy with it. However, we didn't want to throw it away either, so it ended up being released on a compilation album called "Hull:Visual", which is presumably long out of print. The song is in the key of E and I am playing a completely stock CX-12 in the key of C.

Goodbye, So Long, Harewood Park. A solo composition of mine that has been evolving since 2002. This particular version was recorded in 2004.

House of the Rising Sun. A demo I recorded for the Turboslide, back in 2011. The harp is in the key of A, I'm playing in 5th position (C#m) and there are no "normal" bends at all - all the bending is done with the Turboslide mechanism. I'm also playing the (overdubbed) guitar.

Untitled Lydian. Recorded in 2011, the drone was played with a Bohm bass harmonica through an Electro-Harmonix Freeze pedal and the melody was played in 12th position on an XB-40 in the key of G.

Apu's Theme

A YouTube video of a performance of mine from the National Harmonica League Convention 1999. This is a Ravi Shankar tune from the Satyajit Ray movie "Pather Panchali", filtered through some Sonny Terry-ish blues harp. The harmonica is a Lee Oskar in A retuned to the first 10 holes of the SBS layout. Not great audio quality, but you should get the general idea.

Driving North

A frenetically paced tune from 1992 complete with equally frenetic video, originally released on a compilation entitled "The Great Harmonica Extravaganza Volume 1", by TJ Productions. I play all the instruments on this, with the lead being taken by a Lee Oskar Natural Minor in Gm.

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