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What is a Newsfeed?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication, Rich Site Summary, or RDF Site Summary, depending on who you ask) is a method of delivering up to date news right to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, with minimum hassle. You no longer have to visit this site to check for updates or subscribe to an email based service. Instead you tell your RSS reader (more about that later) to check my site for updates and let you know if there is anything new. You will not be deluged with dozens of messages a day, but every time I add something to the site, or revise an existing page, you will get a short message telling you of the update and presenting you with a link which you can click to view the updated page. All completely free of charge!

So, how do you subscribe...?

Subscribe with your Web Browser

Some browsers allow you to subscribe to a newsfeed directly. Simply click the button and follow the instructions:


Subscribe with a Newsreader

There are a whole bunch of dedicated newsreaders for computers and mobile devices that allow you to subscribe to newsfeeds and manage your subscriptions in various ways. To subscribe to the www.patmissin.com newsfeed, simply copy and paste this url into your newsreader:


For More Information about Newsfeeds

Check out What Is RSS? RSS Explained.

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