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04 May 21, 09:05:37

Edited to emphasise just how outdated the information at the start of this 30 year old article is. I've also similarly edited this page.

01 Jan 21, 08:01:01
Happy New Year!
Here's to a great 2021.

31 Aug 20, 08:08:28
Minor (no pun intended) update to Suzuki Manji review
Added a line to point out the difference between Suzuki's natural minor tuning and those made by Lee Oskar and Hohner.

11 Jul 20, 09:07:01
Minor update to "Who was the first blues harp player to record?"
Some minor editing, fixed a broken link and added a couple more images.

29 Jun 20, 11:06:04
Update to Hands Free Chromatic review
Updated to include new manufacturer and Facebook page for users.

30 May 20, 08:05:44
Minor update to "Harmonica 78s" page
Revised the section about Arthur Turelly, courtesy of some biographical research by Herbert Quelle (be sure check out his excellent book "Monica's Blues") and added a brief paragraph about some earlier US harmonica recordings.

31 Mar 20, 08:03:41
Update to "How is my double reed harmonica tuned?"
The world of double reed harmonicas has changed quite a bit over the past couple of decades, so it was time to try to bring this page up to date.

31 Jan 20, 09:01:33
Minor update to "Vintage Harmonica 78s"
Updated the info about Professor Dickens.

01 Jan 20, 06:01:01
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to all and a big thank you to those who supported www.patmissin.com during the past year.

29 Dec 19, 09:12:35
Update to "Vintage Harmonica 78s"
Added a little more info about W. V. Robinson (finally found out his full name!) and tweaked some of the images a little.