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31 Jan 23, 08:01:35
Minor update to "Are there any books about the history of the harmonica?"

Updated to reflect current availability.

01 Jan 23, 05:01:37
Happy Hew Year!
Best Wishes to all, epsecially those who have supported this site over the past year.

Apologies for the lack of new content over the past few months, but I've been dealing with some health issues that have affected my productivity. Hopefully, 2023 will be a healthier year for all of us.

02 Sep 22, 11:09:01
Minor update to "Overtone control"
Fixed a broken link, removed a couple of dead links and added a couple of new links.

30 Aug 22, 07:08:28
Update to Suifukin page
Added links to some early playing guides for the suifukin, digitized by the National Diet Library of Japan.

06 Jul 22, 10:07:01
Update to Suzuki Fire Breath review
Updated to reflect that the Fire Breath is no longer in production.

31 Jul 22, 08:07:04
Update to "US Patent 627569"
Added a little extra info about Carl Brown and his Harp-O-Chord.

01 Jul 22, 12:07:44
Minor update to "What harmonica did John Lennon use to play the intro to "Love Me Do" and other songs by The Beatles?"
Added a link to a page with the full audio and text of John Lennon's 1974 interview with Dennis Elsas where he mentions what harmonica he used for "Love Me Do".

14 May 22, 07:05:41
Minor update to "Early White Blues Harp"
Added some biographical info on Bert Bilbro.

30 Apr 22, 10:04:33
Minor update to "Why is it called a harp?"
Edited to clarify that "ruine-babines" is a French-Canadian term for the harmonica, not a French term. Also added a few more slang terms for the harmonica from various parts of the world.

31 Mar 22, 09:03:01
Minor update to "US Patent 1573242"
Found an ad for the Hand Harmonica Attachment.