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29 Jul 19, 03:07:04
Update to Aeolina page

Revised and expanded.

29 Jun 19, 03:06:44
Minor update to "Why is it called a harp?"
Fixed a dead link and added another early usage of the term "mouth harp"

31 Mar 19, 12:03:41
New page - "Fulusheng"
A brief page about the fulusheng, a relatively new free reed instrument from China

26 Feb 19, 01:02:01
Minor Updates to "How has the Hohner Marine Band changed over the years?"
Amended a couple of bits with updated information and added another old catalog picture. Also fixed some grammar and a couple of typos.

26 Jan 19, 01:01:01
Minor update to "What do I do with the Suzuki MR-300 Overdrive harp?"
Added a link to an archived copy of Masaru Hashimoto's page on his modifications to the MR-300's covers.

01 Jan 19, 12:01:35
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year and a big thank you to those who supported www.patmissin.com during 2018. All the behind the scenes upgrades have been completed, so stay tuned for fresh content in the coming weeks and months.

21 Dec 18, 12:12:37
Update to "A Brief History of Mouth Blown Free Reed Instruments"
All the pages in this section have been given a minor cosmetic upgrade, dead links fixed, typos and html errors corrected, etc. I've also got a ton of new content to upload in the New Year.

05 Dec 18, 01:12:58
New reviews - Brendan Power's Overblow Booster, Booster Bar and SlipSlider
Some cool new stuff from Brendan.

31 Oct 18, 02:10:28
New review - Low key Lee Oskars
Lee Oskar harmonicas in new low keys.

21 Sep 18, 03:09:01
Minor update to "Who invented the harmonica?"
Added a few more pictures and a brief mention of Julius Berthold.