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Blessing octave harmonica

Upper view

Front view

Rear view

At first sight, this harmonica looks like an albino clone of the Hohner CBH-2016, but it is actually an octave-tuned double-reed diatonic. The reedplates are of very typical Chinese construction, but aside from the recent Suzuki Baritone BR-21 tremolo, this is the only commercially-made double-reed harmonica I have ever encountered with a chromatic-style mouthpiece. None of the other Blessing harmonicas I have seen are even remotely similar to this one, which they produced in the mid 1980s.

Despite being the same size as a 4-octave chromatic, this instrument has a range of three diatonic octaves C-C, plus a high E and a low G, in the pseudo-solo tuning typing of Asian-made double-reed harmonicas. (For more about the tuning of tremolo and octave harmonicas, see this page.)

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