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Bohm miniature bass harp

For all its limitations, this is one of my favorite harmonicas, made by the F.A. Bohm company some time in the late 1920s. It is a four note bass instrument, just four inches long, producing the notes C, G, D and A. The C and G are on one side of the instrument, the D and A on the other, each note being voiced by a pair of reeds tuned an octave apart. The covers are much like those used on the Hohner Puck, in that they slide into place along grooves cut into the front and rear of each reedplate, as can be seen from this end view:

Sliding the cover aside reveals the most unique feature of this harp:

Yes - the reeds are mounted at right angles to the airstream! I have never seen this feature in any other commercially produced harmonica. I also have the mini chord harp that goes with it (which plays the chords C, G7, D and A7), but it is a much less interesting instrument.

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