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Hohner Comet 10-hole diatonic

Upper view

Front view

End view

This is quite an oddity. The only other Hohner models I have seen with the name Comet are octave-tuned double-reed instruments, but this one is a Richter model with a very unusual design. As you can see from the end view, the wooden body of the harp has a profile almost like an airplane wing, with a blunt curve at the front, tapering towards the rear. There was also an octave-tuned version of this instrument and both versions were also issued under the names of Marine Band and Echo Elite, although of course other well known models had those same names. They probably date from the late 1940s or early 1950s.

The design is covered by US design patent 116068, granted to John Vassos in 1939. Vassos was a very well-known artist and industrial designer of the time and held a couple of other design patents for harmonicas. The patent diagrams show the double-reed version of the design:

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