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German Patent 1004024

Unlike many of the patents featured in this section, the idea presented in this 1957 patent is both simple, reasonably practical to build and offers very useful to many harmonica players, without them needing to learn any radical new techniques. The inventors Gerhard Kaiser and Emil Jetter show a double-ended slider for a chromatic harmonica. Pushing the button on the right end changes the note being played to one a semitone higher, as on the usual chromatic harmonica. However, pushing the button on the left end changes the note being played to one a semitone lower in pitch. This would present many useful advantages for phrasing and ornamentation, the main disadvantage being that the harmonica would have to be longer to accommodate the same range as a standard instrument, with the notes being spaced further apart.

The patent offers an alternative design which preserves the same spacing as a standard chromatic, by the use of a three reedplates and two slides:

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