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German Patent 184872

Another very popular harmonica with collectors is the Hohner Trumpet Call, the subject of this 1907 patent issued to the Hohner Company. Actually, the name Trumpet Call was used for several different Hohner models, but this was the only one that actually had trumpet-like horns. Sadly, the horns were merely decorative, adding very little to the sound of the instrument.

The following year, Hohner was granted US Design Patent 39410 for a version of the Trumpet Call that has eight horns:

This model does not seem to have been made under the Hohner name, but looks similar in many ways to the Hotz Organette (this picture being taken from a 1912 catalog):

Despite the Hotz brand name, these instruments were marketed by Hohner, who had taken over the Hotz company in 1906.

The five horn Trumpet Call went though several small changes in design until being discontinued in the 1930s. A replica of this model recently became available from Hohner.

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