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German Patent 937213

In the mid 1950s, Hohner developed several new harmonica designs that took advantage of recent innovations in plastics technology. This particular patent, naming Victor Weckherlin and Karl Scherer as the inventors, was issued in 1955 for the basic design of their plastic combed octave harmonicas marketed under the model name of Comet. These were made in both single sided and double sided models, but al of them had am injection molded comb, aluminium reedplates and gold anodised aluminium covers. One of the key features of the patent was the use of plastic extrusions from the comb to locate the reedplates precisely in position and in some cases, actually to secure the reedplates without the need for additional fasteners:

However, on all the Comets I have seen, the reedplates were held in place by metal pins or screws, with the comb extrusions merely serving to keep the reedplates properly located. Elements of this design are to be found in later Hohner models with plastic combs, including the Special 20, Golden Melody, 64 Chromatic, etc. These ideas were also covered by British Patent 727957 and Swiss Patent 314357.

As an aside, Karl Scherer seem to have had a long and fruitful design career with the Hohner company, being credited as inventor on patents spanning a fifty year period, from 1937 to 1987.

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