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US Patent 1752988

Issued in 1930, this patent shows the Hohner Chromonica 260 with the internal slide spring. However, unlike the 260 that was being sold around this time with the newly developed internal spring, the patent diagrams show the spring placed at the end of the comb furthest from the button:

The inventor is named as William J. Haussler of Brooklyn, New York. Around the time of this patent application, Haussler was Vice President and General Manager of Hohner's US branch. I've also heard Haussler credited with being the person who introduced the solo tuning on Hohner's chromatics, some older players referring to solo tuning as "Haussler Tuning". However, the solo tuning had been patented some years earlier, by W. B. Yates in 1908, as a tuning for diatonic harmonicas.

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