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US Patent 2200430

Granted in 1940 to Harry Pullen and the PlaRola Corporation of Easton, Maryland (the state where so many player harmonicas seem to have originated), this is for what was marketed as the PlaRola Organ:

Pullen had been awarded a couple of earlier patents for player harmonicas. In 1936, he was awarded British Patent 444647 for an instrument vaguely similar to the Rolmonica:

Along with Martin D. Zimmerman he was granted US Patent 181337 in 1931 for a player harmonica with horns:

As with several other inventors of player harmonicas, his design skills also extended to other areas. In 1944 he was named as the inventor of an animated mechanical sign, awarded US Patent 2353265 assigned to the Magic Duplex Sign Company of Easton Maryland.

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