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US Design Patent 36692

Off all the many harmonicas that have been made over the years with a horn to amplify the sound, the Hohnerphone is one of the most well known. This Design Patent, granted to Hans Hohner, "a citizen of Germany residing at New York City", was published in 1903. A similar instrument, the Hohner Echophone had a slightly tapered horn and was made in at least two very distinct versions, the original one having a brass horn, a later version brought out in the 1950s having a maroon plastic horn. The plastic version more closely resembles the illustration in the patent, the earlier version looking very much like the Hohner Cartridge Harp, which was essentially a harmonica stuck into the side of a shell casing. A few years ago, Hohner produced a re-issue of the brass horned version and just to add to the confusion, in the early 1900s Hohner produced a tremolo harp with the name Echophone that had no horn at all.

Here is a page from a Hohner catalog from 1912, showing both the Echophone and Hohnerphone:

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