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Fender/Lee Oskar Limited Edition Harmonica

Fender Musical Instruments is famous as one of the world's leading manufacturers of guitars, basses and amplifiers. Now for the first time in their almost seventy year history, they have co-branded a product with another musical instrument manufacturer, Lee Oskar Harmonicas. The result of this partnership is a rather striking limited edition diatonic harmonica. The most obvious difference between this harp and a standard Lee Oskar when you look at it, is that on the Fender/Lee Oskar, the stainless steel covers have a very nice satin black finish with gold lettering. The most obvious difference when you play it is that it has a slightly different fine tuning scheme. Rather than the equal temperament of the standard LO, this one has a sweetened tuning that makes the chords noticeably smoother and richer, yet still leaves single note lines sounding good. Available in the keys of G, A and C, the US list price is $79.99, although if you shop around you can find them for $60 or so.


Although this harmonica is no longer in production (they did say it was a limited edition, after all), at the time of writing (July 2018), there are still a few stores that appear to have stocks of them.

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