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DuoHarp Kwik Change

Overly complex Heath Robinson (or for our American readers, Rube Goldberg) style devices are often not without their own appeal, but I must confess to a fondness for simple designs that achieve just what they set out to do. The DuoHarp Kwick Change is a great example of the latter. It is simply a solid block with a pair of strong magnets attached - it really doesn't get much more simple than that. The block clamps into place in your favorite harmonica holder and you let the magnets hold your harps in place. This means that when it's time to swap to another harp, you can do an ultra fast and easy one handed change. As a bonus, it has a magnet on both the upper and the lower surface, making your standard harmonica holder a dual harmonica holder. Great if you need to modulate in the middle of the song, or add more chords than you've got on a single harmonica. I've even used this without a rack, to turn two harmonicas into a single unit for ease of handling - I used to do that with BluTak, but the magnetic solution is neater. I also successfully used this device to turn my single harmonica holder into a quadruple harmonica holder, although I don't know if I'd be comfortable trying that on stage, unless I had a very sympathetic audience in case it all went tragically wrong.

The DuoHarp Kwik Change can also help solve compatibility problems between different models of harmonica and rack. For example, the Hohner FlexRack does not seem to grip the Golden Melody very well. Put the Kwik Change in the rack and problem solved. Well, unless you have a golden Golden Melody, which brings me to my next point. Obviously, in order for the magnets to hold the harp, the harp has to have a magnetic cover. This means that anything with brass covers (Hohner Meisterklasse, plus several Hering and Suzuki models), aluminium alloy covers (such as the gold coloured version of the Golden Melody, or the original Hohner ProHarp) or plastic covers (Turbolids, the Suzuki Overdrive and various cheap harps) are not going to work with this device. That's really the closest thing to a negative comment I can make about this thing. If you do any rack playing at all, the DuoHarp Kwik Change will make your life easier.

For more details, visit www.duoharp.com and while you are there, check out their other cool products.


At the time of writing (August 2018), the DuoHarp website is no longer live, but the Kwik Change is still available from Rockin Ron's Music.

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