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Lee Oskar Quick Start Kit for Guitar and Ukulele

If you play harmonica in a duo with a singer/guitarist, you might not want to tell them about this new item from Lee Oskar, or you might just find yourself out of a job. The kit contains four Lee Oskar harmonicas in different tunings - major diatonic (key of C), Melody MakerTM (key of G), natural minor (key of Am) and harmonic minor (key of Am), along with a neat soft case for all four has, a harmonica holder and a 16 page booklet showing how the chords on the different harmonicas relate to guitar and ukulele chords, along with some suggestions on how to apply them to different musical styles. The package is also supported by the website www.leeoskarquickguide.com, providing additional information and advice.

The kit retails for £99 in the UK and $223.95 in the US, a little less than the cost of buying the four harmonicas individually, but many dealers are offering it for less. A great gift for any guitarist or uke player looking to add some harmonica to their music.

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