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Sonnyboy's Classic

Sonnyboy's Music Store has a new 10-hole diatonic available, the Sonnyboy's Classic. It uses a similar construction to their Sonnyboy's Special, but with a few important differences. Sporting a set of stainless steel covers with a very appealing bright blue finish, it also has a blue ABS comb. The slightly thicker than standard reedplates are fully recessed into the comb and attached with sven Phillips head screws. The reeds are spot welded to the reedplates and the tolerances look very good. The reeds on the sample I have for review are set quite low, making it very responsive at lower playing pressures. The tuning is very good, using a compromise temperament rooted at around A=442Hz and the major thirds tuned about midway between just and equal. Overall, the harmonica is comfortable, plays well, sounds good and looks attractive - a blue blues harp! They are currently available in the keys of G, A, Bb, C, D and E and are priced at £22.99.

This brings Sonnyboy's Music Store up to a total of three harmonicas of their own brand. They all have stainless steel covers, ABS combs and nice form fitted hard plastic cases. The Sonnyboy's Special has plain covers with slotted ends, recessed plain brass reedplates, a black comb and is tuned in equal temperament. The Sonnyboy's Classic has blue finished covers, recessed plain brass reedplates, a black comb and is tuned in a compromise temperament. The Sonnyboy's Mojo has black finished covers, a black comb, plated reedplates with a sandwich style construction and is tuned in just intonation. All their harmonicas are available from Amazon and eBay, as well Sonnyboy's Music Store. However, if you buy directly from them, they will throw in free lifetime access to an online HD video course consisting of more than seven hours of harmonica tuition, currently retailing at US$79!

For more details, visit sonnyboysmusicstore.co.uk

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