Special Thanks To...

I'd like to extend my gratitude to the following people for their invaluable help with the material presented on this website:

Lynda Schemansky
G - Harp On! Chromatic Harmonica Reference
Dr Roger Trobridge, of the National Harmonica League - harmonica.co.uk
Joe Filisko - www.filisko.com
Steven Chambers
The good folk at Siteground
Software Partners for their excellent Capella notation program, used for all the musical examples on this site
Xiao Lee
Tong Lei
Do Viet Dung, at Thanh Cam Musical Instrument Workshop - www.thanhcammusic.com
The late Douglas Tate - douglastate.com
The late Bob Shatkin
Dave Whatt
Alan Bates
John Whiteman

My thanks also go out to those who help support this site by donations or by buying things via the Amazon.com links and those who send visitors here via the links on other websites.


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